Requirement friendly

    Today we see that there are kids who used all possible pressure to achieve their whims. But educators, parents and teachers can not give in to their unreasonable desires, but rather to convey the message that they will not give in to blackmail childish. If the parents consent to the whims is like letting the students drift away, without telling them that a solid personality is acquired struggling to acquire virtues.

   We can distinguish two ways how to order or require an effort to learners: rough or gentle. It makes rough who commands or talking loudly dryly. In this way show little security and nervousness. Others use a threatening tone that causes rebellion and rejection. Avoid the screams that indicate the loss of self control.

    The best is require a friendly way, with a calm attitude and having the confidence that we will be obeyed. You can use phrases like: Would you do this, please?, Would you be kind enough to …?, could you lend me a hand in this job?.

   In this case, it is boys who voluntarily participate in a task, making a free and responsible choice, while they feel useful and experience the joy of having their parents happy.

   Mandates should be reserved for more serious very important issues, in which children are asked to greater effort than usual. May occur, for example, that the family has a sick child and ask the rest of the brothers that as long as the disease persist careful not making noises in the house.

   Both in schools and in some families are divided into specific tasks to help the organization and operation. With the fulfillment of the task is earned on personal responsibility and they feel useful.

   We can conclude that is needed the firmly to enforce proper behavior, but at the same time must be sweet in the way that is suggested, or imposed.
Arthur Ramo

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