Environmental and human ecology

   Currently, there is much talk about ecology and protection of the environment, especially after the international debate of Copenhagen. We might say that ecology studies the relationship between living organisms and their environment. We can make a clear distinction between natural and human ecology. Environmental ecology leads us to the protection of nature in all its facets. We are saddened when forest fires destroy the natural beauty and economic assets of forests and when plastics, cans and other wastes are throw on the streets.

   Environmental care is one of the priority challenges that humanity faces, highlighting the global warming and the scarcity of energy resources. In Africa and in other countries, there are serious problems of erosion and desertification of large tracts of land. The selfishness and the materialistic mentality are components of environmental aggressions. That leads us to see the man as the absolute owner of nature. We might say that human selfishness hurts creation.

   Human ecology refers to the protection of the human being who is part, together with the environment, of the whole creation. The human being is attacked when its dignity and freedom are despised, when the human life is destroyed, either before birth (abortion) or at the end of life (euthanasia).

   When the Berlin Wall fell and the reality of communist countries was known, the great assault on the dignity and freedom of the people and the assault on nature with the pollution of water, land and air were proven. The denial of God of the Marxist regime led to deny the freedom of man and to not respect the creation. Respect for man is the most important aspect of ecology because man represents the noblest creature of universe (Saint Thomas).

   If we want a world with more peace and justice, we must protect the nature in the environmental aspect and in the human aspect.

   Arturo Ramo

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