Alcohol fills gaps


Alcoholic beverages promotion is one of the most debated and controversial issues of advertising legislation. It is true that advertising bans are justified by the legislator in order to protect the health and safety of people. Thus, indiscriminate consumption is avoided.

Alcohol caused 12,000 deaths last year. «Alcohol abuse creates more health problems than drugs». The Government has invested more than 22 million euros to the different autonomous communities for anti-drug programs which includes, with a special emphasis, alcohol.

Moreover, The Red Cross‘ Foundation for Help against Drug says that a third of young people spend 90% of its money in alcoholic beverages. Thus, alcohol is the leading cause of death among youth, since 60% of fatal traffic accidents, during the night of the weekend, are caused by the consumption of alcohol.

Several campaigns against the consumption of alcohol have been launched under the slogan: «alcohol fills gaps» «Talk to your children, information is prevention», «drink with moderation, it is your responsibility» and «enjoy a responsible consumption». These actions have tried to invigorate behaviors and suggest the individual requirement in the waste of alcoholic beverage.

Ireland is the country of the European Union with the largest number of excessive consumers. Bulgaria has the lowest number.

Otherwise, alcoholism affects women more than men. This is due to the fact that cerebral palsy develops more quickly in them, according to a study of the German University of Heidel and the American university of Stanford.

Finally, we must recognize that alcoholic beverages are the most ferocious attack suffered by today’s society. An aggression whose consequences reach all social strata but victims are especially young people, our most valuable treasure.


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