Suffering with dignity


For ethical and practical reasons legitimize the euthanasia is a diabolical idea. What else can we do to reduce the pain of the serious and terminal sick? Everyone has the right to pain treatment: we must eliminate the suffering, not any mortal who suffers from the pain.

The confidence in caregivers is very advisable to reduce anxiety. It is necessary nobility and share information and decisions in order to gain the confidence. In this way, the sick increases the feeling of having everything under control and thus reduces pain.

The last hour of life has been depersonalized, dehumanized and technified. The result is that the terminal sick experience an acute loneliness before death. Euthanasia is a medical technology response to grief and death. However, in an ethical society, the solution is not a lethal injection.

We must see what the serious or terminal sick need to be considered respected. Harvey Chochinov, an expert psychiatrist at the University of Manitoba (Canada) in the care of terminal sick people, has developed a treatment called «dignity therapy». It identifies the factors that cause the grief of sick and shape aids to thwart it.

Hope is essential to reduce pain. Leaving a legacy is also a link with the future. For a sick agonize with serenity is essential that its existence has a meaning, that its life was worth living.

The main human essence is that we are mortal human in search of meaning. The challenge reduces to discover a meaning to death, to make that the transition to eternal life is the last great act of existence. On the contrary, a lethal injection is a fast and cheap technology resource. Finding sense to death is nothing like that. We have to find a transcendent meaning to life and tell it to future generations. This is a significant reason why euthanasia is banned in most of the universe.

Clemente Ferrer


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