Fighting against AIDS

   The Republican Congressman of New Jersey, Christopher Smith showed the indisputable evidence of the triumph that the events of aids prevention have achieved in African countries where the principles of abstinence and fidelity are established. From the House of Representatives, Smith drew up a bill to revive the President’s Emergency Plan for the fight against HIV.

   After mentioning the reports of the Department of State and the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States, which accept the infallible measure of abstinence and fidelity in these programs, Smith pointed out that these attitudes have been an important factor to stop the spread of AIDS in Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe. These three countries have shown the decline in HIV and reports indicate that this is due to the expansion of A (abstinence) and B (be faithful).

   A commission of the US Senate has accepted to triple the budget designated to the programs in view of the AIDS pandemic in Africa. According to information published in the journal «Science», Aids among the aborigines of Zimbabwe aged 17-29 years diminish 23%. Also, this reduced 49 % among young women aged 15-24 years. In recent years, African countries such as Uganda use a program known as ABC (abstinence, be faithful and condoms).

   AIDS is a social scourge that has a lot to do with people who do not respect any type of ethics and try to live at a hectic. HIV appears as a wake-up call, as a warning for those who pass the invisible barriers and try to lose humanity. This is the most serious of this terrible illness. Someone said that God always forgives the man sometimes, but the nature never. And the resistance of the nature is due to the fact that, preserving its laws, knows that things go better. When men try to modify them at their whim just become a slave to their own wickedness.


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