The truth is hard and hurts

   The last decade of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century have caused changes and it is not an exaggeration to speak of the beginning of a new era with great consequences for men and women of this time and for future generations.

   On the one hand, we have the technological advances that have caused remarkable transformations in the external modes of life in a couple of generations. On the other hand, more thoroughly, more in the privacy of the person, the principles and values that ruled the citizens fifty years ago have been destroyed. This really has caused a transformation of people as well as a transformation of society.

   Circumstances that were unconceivable a few decades ago have become common situations admitted as normal social habits in this 21st century. The denial of human nature that now is an individual choice; the loss of the genetic engineering; the family division and the breaking of ties; the corrosive culture of death with abortion and euthanasia; or the manipulation of human rights, spurred on by active minorities and under the dictatorship of majorities are some pieces of information and the list could go on. This occurs in a growing paganism with the rift of Europe’s Christian roots: an abandonment of God and transcendence. The material well-being and the pursuit of pleasure are worshipped as new gods.

   All of this catalyzed by the control of the media (valuable in so many ways) by the owner of the political and economic power with their multiple and dark alliances, through persuasive methods of handling for the citizen indoctrination and the transmission of ideological instructions leading to change the model of man, with the result of the loss of moral sense and responsibility. We must not forget the corruption in public life and the verbal aggressiveness of political professionals that keep many people way from the responsibility of the direct action: a society that does not react is a lost society.

   This situation, with the ruling relativism in a complex and plural reality, causes disorientation in people who ask: how to navigate in this new sea? Should we get carried away, be fashion toys, or go against the tide? It is vital to find the answer, whether consciously or passively by adopting a lifestyle that will define the person in the future. At other times the answer was easier because there were principles and values that offered a safe way, principles and values that still exist, but are harder to find because they are hidden.

   Without a doubt, the best decision is to adapt us with the rhythm, assuming the guidelines dictated by the power. However, it is worth the risk to have the ability to make up one’s life according to a personal thought, decide the type of person that we will be in the future. Think by oneself: critical hear and mind, open to life. A challenge: the truth is hard and hurts. It has been said that we must be agreed that personal action can help to shape our future and the destiny of our people; especially if we work with other people. This is my bet.
   Agustín Pérez Cerrada

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