Building the judgment

    In the society in which we live, children and young people receive a lot of messages and phrases that transmit ideals that are not always positive to form their own personality, or help them to be happy.

    For that reason, it is important that children learn to build a personal judgment to distinguish the good from the bad of what they see on the street, the television and their friends. After knowing what is good and positive, they will have to develop the will power to do what they see fit, although this would be annoying or difficult.

    The job of educators is not only repeat «this is not good» or «I do not like it» without argue or give reasons to explain that assertion. In regard to the negative aspect, it is more important to educate in positive, I mean to show the beauty of happy and serene virtue, without fears or inhibitions. It is more attractive and joyful to do good things and help people than act incorrectly, although people say the contrary in certain circumstances.

    Children need the clear example of the most authentic values of their parents and teachers. They have to be, for their righteousness and consistency of life, the foundation on which children can lean. Children need strong parents that withstand the daily turbulence and can transmit strength, confidence, protection and guidance to their children.

    In view of the facts that we see on television and the media, we must ask ourselves the cause of these behaviors to discover possible injustice, envy, pride, etc. that motivate people to make them. It is also necessary to examine the actions that we have done and can cause harm to others or offend God in order to ask forgiveness to people. Currently, there are psychiatrists who claim that it is necessary and good to accept the sense of sin. This prevents a guilt complex and the distressing feeling of having wrong, as well as the fear or shame. We have to bring the means for children feel progressively more free and responsible of their acts.
    Arturo Ramo García

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