Family responsibilities

   In order to improve the functioning of the family, both parents and children can take responsibility to make progress different orders. In this way, children from six and seven years learn to work together in the good course of home.

   Responsibilities can be established in the family gathering and they can be very varied. Here are some examples: the father can help a child with math, the eldest son can be responsible for minor repairs of home, another son can help the youngest to bathe in the evening, a daughter will help her mother to prepare dinner, a small child will collect the toys after use. Another task can be that one day a week set and clear the table or the dishwasher. These are possible examples, but they can vary or add new ones in each house.

   It is desirable that parents or older brothers explain personally to each one the way to fulfill well their responsibility. The minors can help the elderly in some responsibilities before accepting their own responsibilities. It is a good that from the beginning they have the satisfaction of a well done job and exercise their will collaborating with their brothers.

   A very important aspect of the family gathering is the revision of the responsibilities. It may be that the elder brother is the secretary and has the list of tasks of each one. It can be commented what has gone better and worse since the last gathering and agree on the turn changes for the future.

   In the conversation someone might complain that a little brother makes the books untidy of his bookcase or that someone holds the hands on the walls and gets it dirty. Always with good humor and positive direction are finding solutions for building the family day to day between everybody and make life more enjoyable for others.
    Arturo Ramo

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