Overcoming the limits

   In the task of educating, neither parents nor teachers can give up when difficulties arise. In the family, just as in other institutions, economic problems, unexpected illnesses, traffic accident and other adverse limits are always encountered. These should nevertheless constitute as obstacles from continuing, with effort and dedication, to have a good family environment at home, as well as demand from and motivate children.

   And when one gets tired due to work and difficult times? A European Marshall asserted that battles are won by tired soldiers.

   Beethoven was not in the best physical conditions when he composed the marvelous “Choral Fantasy”. He had to have fought a lot in order to overcome the deafness that tormented him.

   In his masterpiece “Crazy Egregious”, Juan Antonio Vallejo Nájera discusses about the various negative limits that Mozart had to face in his life as composer: it should be considered that those who insist in the simplistic idea of that the passionate charge of the works of arts derive from the inner volcano of the artist. Mozart, jumping over the abyss of inner emotional emptiness, is capable of creating pages of maximum emotional irradiance.

   During the last year of his life, he finds himself physically not well, with frequent headaches and toothaches, fatigue and swelling of hands and feet, and frequent general discomfort. For none of these symptoms did he stop his work neither his rhythm; even if close to death, he will continue to compose.

   No teacher could ever say that with this student nothing can be done, when the chances of making progress in education are few. In many occasions, there is actually little that could be done, but at least “something” can always be done, and we cannot permit to not do that “something”. Burke explains that it is a shame not to do anything at all, because even a little can be done (Translated by Gianna Sanchez Moretti).

   Arturo Ramo

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