Rules of Coexistence

   It is often commented in the media that the bad behavior of children is due to the lack of authority of parents, and that children always do what they want in their home and then they will do the same in the school and in the society.

   The authority of parents is a service in the personal development of children and in the creation of a positive family atmosphere where everybody has to participate, both parents and children.
It is advisable to develop a policy of coexistence with the participation of children in order to create such home environment. These rules can evolve with the passage of time according to the age of children and the prudence and common sense of everybody.

   Parents should try to motivate children thinking in every moment why they should behave in one way or another for the good family functioning and why they should obey.

   The rewards are always motivating and they should be given when the rule of coexistence is fulfilled. Parents can give to the children some material rewards that they want; however the future goal will be abolishing all the material rewards.

   The elderly can be congratulated on having done the right thing. Words of praise or a simple approving gesture are sufficient to reward psychologically to a child.

   Parents sometimes have to correct and apply some punishment when the standards agreed by everybody did not meet. The best punishment is to do well what before was done bad and pay with their money the repair of a malfunction.
If a guy plays with the ball in the hallway of his house and breaks a glass, the best punishment is to pay with his money the repair. Both the father and mother have to agree with this and should mutually support in the same decision.

   In the family gatherings they can comment on the positive and negative aspects of compliance with the rules of coexistence and take joint decisions on the responsibility of each one for the improvement of family life.

    Arturo Ramo

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