Sex education

   Education that refers to sexuality is not something other than one of many aspects or contents of human education which influences all others.

   We can begin by saying that if education has its starting point on a certain type of teaching, then that teaching can never be holistic. It must be completed by personal will power and strive. This is especially true when it comes to the so called “sex education”. The management of sexuality does not come easy without efforts, efforts that sometimes must be heroic. This is mainly true with the youth, who has to combat against strong sexual tendencies. The lack of maturity within the personality of young teens requires a more rigorous fight. Moreover, adolescence is the period of life that is the most adequate to understand life as a struggle as well as to despise commodity. Strengthening in the youth the consciousness that a human life can only be fulfilled through the struggle leads to creating one of the most firm foundations of sex education. The youth can also live the joy of feeling strong.

   Humans need an education that can allow them to use their mental and voluntary skills and capabilities. However, their capacity of carrying out biological acts is developed spontaneously within the process of physical maturity. This way nobody needs to learn how to breathe, look, eat, go, because these are instinctive acts that the human being carries out little by little as the organism develops. The reader could easily agree upon my affirmation: there is no need of a special type of education in order to carry out sexual acts. Sex education is precisely needed in order to control the social, moral, and religious transcendence of sexuality.

   We can also say that aspiring towards the truth is part of human nature; the child, no matter how small he or she may be, has the right to know the truth. It is thus believed that children stories that come from Paris or the stork should be dismissed, because children, and those who are no longer children, have to the right to know the truth.

   In education, recipes are not effective because any situation differs from every other. As a criterion, nevertheless, all children’s questions should be answered in a sufficient manner; however, moderately: there is no need to go into details that do not interest children.

   I previously mentioned that there is no need for a special educational program for sex education. Effectively, education of natural sciences, history, morality, and religion include themes that are related to the use and abuse of sexuality. Of course, there comes a point in everyone’s life where one is no longer a kid, and thus when there is a surging need to receive special help that can serve as guidance in this world of new tendencies, which linked to a fast biological development, can lead to confusion. It is during this period that parents, precisely parents, must talk with their children about sex that is based on love, about the human and supernatural sense of what love is between a man and a woman, and about chastity as surrender to God.

   It is in this context that one can understand the delicacy required for any relationship based on love, and the release of the scruples that arise from considering any sexual act as a sin. A delicate conscience that is not scrupulous must be fomented in youth. If based on love, natural and supernatural, the conversations between parents and children about the sexual aspects of life will become easier and young people will receive them with gratitude (Translated by Gianna A. Sanchez Moretti).

   Arturo Ramo

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