Tragic silence

   María Victoria Troncoso, mother of a girl with Down syndrome, said that “these children never cause problems”. The condition in mother aged 30-34 years has an incidence of 1 in every 800.

   Europe is experiencing a quiet and tragic phenomenon: the pregnancy age is increasing while births with Down syndrome are decreasing. The cause of this statistical irregularity may be explained in a couple of words: births of babies with Down syndrome are decreasing because they are aborted once pregnant mothers are informed of their condition. They are at risk of disappearance. The Family Policy Institute has stated that the current cadence is one abortion every 5.4 minutes. That indicates 266 murders every day.

   Moreover, the publication of The New England Journal of Medicine notified the project of a new test that will allow discovering the Down syndrome at the three months of fertilization with an accuracy of 87 %.

   A doctor who had helped the birth of Ana’s son told her the news: “her son has Down syndrome.” Ana turned to her husband and told him: “We must attempt for the third one.” The third born did not show any symptom.

   Do we return to a time already extinct? A time where human beings had not the right to exist because of their disability, bloodline or brain ailment.

   We live in a moral decline in which parents begin to kill their children because they have not certain physical characteristics. This attitude is extremely offensive, it is based on ignorance: Down syndrome is not an esthetic issue, but an embarrassing issue of a weak and defenseless human being.

   «I am 23 years old. When my son was born, doctors told me that he had Down syndrome, I wanted to die. I was depressed for three months. Now I know that the concept that I had about Down syndrome was entirely wrong. He will be a year and a half, understands everything and has already begun to talk. If I go back in time and I would have done the test and doctors tell me that he has Down syndrome, I never would practice an abortion.»

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