Types of will power

   Even though will power is a whole in itself, there are numerous types of will power that can be classified. Therefore, in the light of “studying” as a task, we can distinguish various types of will power.

   First of all, there is the will power to begin studying. For some students, to study and concentrate on a subject requires authentic determination. It requires breaking the inertia and diving into a task that requires one’s intellectual effort.

   To begin is important, however, perseverance is fundamental. To begin requires a lot of effort, but to finish the work that was started is what makes the difference. Once the task is being carried out, the student must continue to study intensely with will power and consistency. It is advised to make a list of tasks that must be done, such as doing homework, finishing a drawing, preparing a project, studying a lesson, preparing an exam, etc., to then after exercise one’s own will power to finish everything that was foreseen.

   In some instances, will power is needed in order to overcome frustrations, such as getting a bad grade on a project, failing a class, or repeating the grade. However, it could even end up being positive if we know how to channel these frustrations in a correct manner. For some authors, frustrations are necessary in order to mature one’s own personality. The human being is capable of growing when confronted with difficulties, and as a consequence, that person will be better prepared for the next time that a project must be executed. In other words, one cannot give up, but instead be able to react with new and positive energy. The humiliation brought about a small failure can be seen as a challenge to achieve new frontiers, but only if we seriously propose it to ourselves. Losing a battle is not what matters, but winning the final war is what does.

   Finally, there is the will power to finish a job that was started. The student will have the temptation to not delve into a subject, to leave a drawing unfinished or a project or homework that had to be done. Later in life, it will become more important to finish the career that was started, to thoroughly prepare professional exams and dominate all subjects, as well as to finish a research study or project that was already started. To carry this through till the end, patience and hard work are needed. The love for a well done job is composed of aiming to reach perfection within the smallest details, which culminates into a job executed in a correct and adequate manner. In social life, we can see that the first rocks of an edifice are placed down; however, putting down the last rock and finishing the job without leaving errors is even more important (Translated by Gianna Sanchez Moretti).

   Arturo Ramo

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