What can we do with are failing?

   When a child comes home with various “insufficient” or “failing” written on the school’s report card, the father usually reacts by getting angry and scolding the child. Maybe he decides to punish the child and look for a particular teacher that may help.

   However, before making decision and re-acting, the prudent thing to do is to look for all the possible information there is about the causes of the situation. In order to look for the causes, for example, it could be useful to set up an appointment with the tutor of the school or with a specific teacher that is directly associated with the failures. The other source of information is the child itself, who in a relaxing conversation could shed some light on the causes leading to school failure.

   The child’s poor performance could be due to different causes. In some occasions, it could be done to the child’s lack of effort to keep his or her work up to date as well as study enough. The child could be dedicating less time than what is necessary or not taking advantage of that study time due to the lack of intensity, in other words, with low concentration levels as well as low comprehension levels and lacking to remember what was studied.

   And yet in other occasions, the student strives and dedicates a lot of time to studying, but does not achieve satisfactory results. This could be due to a lack of intellectual capacity in general, or for a specific concrete subject in school. Another cause that is very frequent nowadays is the low level of reading comprehension, which is linked to the lack of vocabulary and the lack of reading habits. It could also be due to the lack of basic knowledge that is indispensible in order to acquire higher knowledge. Last but not least, other causes could be due to deficient study techniques, when the student has not yet acquire the habits to underline, mark, and make diagrams and summary tables as well as to review and memorize the main ideas of what is being studied.

   Once the causes of the failures are known, it is the moment to make decisions in order to heal the deficiencies or lack of habits. Maybe it is enough to dedicate more time to studying; however, in other cases special help from the student’s tutor, one specific teacher, or a study buddy may be needed. A special recovery plan can be drawn up from all the correct information gathered as to what the causes are. Never, however, should a child be scolded for bad school grades without knowing the underlying causes of such poor performance (Translated by Gianna Sanchez Moretti).

   Arturo Ramo

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