A new culture of life

   «A pro-abortionist society is inhospitable. In the course of time, tyranny and arbitrariness will reign everywhere. It is like an infectious disease that is contagious,» said the German theologian, Jutta Burggraf.

   There are two tortured people in each abortion: the baby and the mother. Those who encourage the voluntary interruption of pregnancy from various areas of education, information and/or the administration are guilty because the person who does bad things suffers a greater damage than the person who suffers it. That person devastates and deep inside despises.

   A society where millions of abortions are performed is a society with a countless number of tortured people with sharp stabs in the very depths of its being. An important poet who experienced the abortion when she killed her son said: «I see my child in my dreams. After this act there are only two possibilities: a person becomes brutalized and continues killing, or a person changes and struggles for life.»

   The consequences of abortion are the despair, the anguish and the suicide. The American psychiatrist Wilke said: “It is very easy to abort, but it is very difficult to forget it.» From the moment of fertilization, a new being is in the womb of the mother. A new human being that has been conceived for immortality prevails in the universe. When a young woman arrives to an abortion center, we can say that two mortals comes in and only one comes out; the more fragile and defenseless has gone to a trip of no return.

   Abortion is a true form of slavery that causes physical, psychological, mental and spiritual bitterness. God accepts our contrition and pushes us to change our life. His indulgence produces a deep conversion in us; he rescues us from the interior confusion. It is urgent to instill a new «culture of life», ensure a new style of life; giving a seductive argument of the beauty that is life.

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