Knowing how to be happy

   Every human being, in one way or the other, searches happiness. However, on this Earth, happiness is relative and temporary. Happiness is generally linked to wealth and possession of material things, but these things do not contain true happiness. Ultimately, absolute happiness is in heaven.

   The richest man of his era was Aristotle Onassis, the famous Greek sailor, who would say that he was the richest man in the world but was never happy.

   Money is for the purpose of covering basic necessities, but it is not all. Happiness is not in having but in being. The person who bases his or her own aspirations upon the possession of things will never be quenched, will always want more and more, and will never be satisfied, because the human heart cannot be filled by junk. The solution is found in perfecting how to be human, creating positive habits and skills, and fomenting virtues that serve for today and tomorrow.

   Some parents search for their children’s happiness by giving them toys, electronic devices, and whatever the child wants. Sometimes parents say that they want to give their children all that they did not have when they were young.

   Other parents, other than giving the basic necessities to their children, dedicate even more time and energy in giving them a good education and formation. It is important to teach children how to enjoy what is ordinary and the positive things that each day offers. Both parents and children should value all the things they already have in order to enjoy and use them in a correct manner.

   For most parents it is always easier to give their children money (if they have), however, to give them time and energy means giving up their lives for their children. Yet what children really want is to have their parents nearer and more available (Translated by Gianna Sanchez Moretti).

   Arturo Ramo

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