Personal realization

   Sometimes, we hear phrases such as: “I want to be my own self”, “I am searching for my own realization”, “I want to be my own person”. These aspirations are one of the characteristics that make up the concept of the person as an individual, such that of singularity. Other characteristics include one’s level of autonomy and openness. Singularity implies a qualitative distinction according to which a person just is, different from the others (please refer to Educación personalizada by Víctor García Hoz).

   Personal realization can be attained, first of all, through the intentional development of one’s own liberty, i.e. by growing in responsible liberty. An individual becomes more of a person when he or she grows more in liberty.

   The human, as a social being, can break his or her individual environment thereby opening up to relate with others. The human becomes a person especially by working and coexisting with others.

   When applied to people, realizing the self means fulfilling one’s own project of existence, which is what allows for a person to reach his or her full development. It is thus the same as saying, in other words, that the person undergoes a process towards perfection, i.e. reaches fullness and perfection when achieving the established goals. A person fulfills his or her self by reaching the goals that were meant for that person to reach. These goals are made up of natural goals (inter alia, partial goals such as work) or one’s own project of existence, which is enshrined within human nature, and the supernatural goal or the project of existence contained in God’s saving plan (J. Hervada, Diálogos sobre el amor y el matrimonio, EUNSA, Pamplona, 1974, p. 62.)

   Maybe it is at work where the word “realization” is best manifested, for example, when making a project a reality. However, not all work is useful for personal realization. It must be carried out under specific conditions in order to fulfill the goal of promoting education, that of the self and of others.

   Work must be human, in other words, must be carried out with liberty, initiative, and responsibility with more or less autonomy. Work must be carried out with the eagerness to serve, and not with the eagerness to dominate.

   Everybody has their own personal way of working, which must be self evident and improved. In one way or another, the worker imprints a representative stamp of his or her personality on the work itself.

   Nevertheless, work is not the only area for personal realization to take place. Other areas of human life should be cultivated, such as the family, friendships, entertainment, and religious life, in order to open up to forging relations with others and improve coexistence (Translated by Gianna Sanchez Moretti).

   Arturo Ramo

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