Unbord child

   Louisiana State Senate (United States) banned all types of abortions in its jurisdiction. Thus, it becomes the second state, after South Dakota, which decrees this type of legislation. The law stipulates ten years in prison and fines up to $100,000 to the doctors who perform abortions. Likewise, the use of the abortion pill and the Emergency contraceptive pill are penalized.

   For the first time, the validity of feticide is in a serious tight spot in the United States. Governors of the Democratic Party in Kansas and Pennsylvania have stipulated a budget of many millions of dollars to charitable organizations that provide alternatives to the murder of unborn babies.

   Moreover, it has been reported in the summary by the case of the abortion clinics of the Hispano-American doctor Carlos Morin that he has HIV for nine years ago. In view of the danger of a collective epidemic by the owner of several abortion clinics, the Association of Victims of abortion promises to make the analytical examination of a possible contagion of aids, without any payment, to all the young people who have experienced an abortion and have not been diagnosed yet.

   «We are aware of the double victimization that these families have suffered; they have lost their children in unhealthy conditions. In addition, the early treatment in case of having been infected with the HIV virus significantly reduces the mortality» said a doctor of the Association of victims of abortion. Moreover, the «post-abortion syndrome» afflicts the mother who has killed her children, the father of children, and the surgeons who have operated in the abortion.

   Human life must be respected and safeguarded unconditionally from the moment of conception. From the first moment of the existence, the human beings must be recognized with their rights as for example: the existence; the sacred right of all innocent and defenseless being.

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