Crisis and film

   There are two scenes of movies that have raised the depressed spirits that I have lately because of the crisis. If someone thinks that we cannot escape from this situation, I recommend you to see this movie. The first is the final scene that belongs to a film of King Vidor of 1934, which is called «OUR DAILY BREAD».

   The movie is about a young couple, who lives in the city, and because of necessity they must move on to the field to take charge of an abandoned farmhouse, as a last resource in full depression of the thirties in the US. They face all the difficulties, with the help of their neighboring farmers, despite their ignorance on agricultural matters. At the end of the film, the protagonist galvanized his defeated neighbors and all together builds an improvised canal to carry water to his parched fields.

   Does the drought remind you something? The film is in black and white, and the scene has no music, characters just talk, we just hear the noise of the hoes and see the tremendous efforts of everybody to achieve the common goal: hundreds of men, women and children work with their hoes, shovels and hands, in a syncopated way and the camera collect the long path of the water to parched fields, with a montage of simply masterful scenes.

   The other scene belongs to the movie «WITNESS». This is about the work that makes all the Amish community for the construction of a wood stable for a couple of newly weds. The scene lasts about five minutes and has a startling beauty: general scenes alternate with short scenes where we can see the glances that protagonists exchange throughout the day. With almost no dialog, only small gestures and also a huge effort, and with the background of the beautiful music by Maurice Jarre, from a splendid photograph, we see how in a day, Amish men and children build the stable, while women made the food and took care of them, giving them water and soft drinks.

   Both scenes have two things in common: the union of two communities for a purpose (a social case and an altruistic case) and the value of the human will in view of adversity. In addition, in both cases the action in common is based on the deep religiosity of all of them: the Amish and farmers. Only in this way they achieve their purposes.

   Three things are necessary to get out of today and future crisis: a determined will of EVERYBODY! Government, trade unions and entrepreneurs, political parties, bankers and society in general; anybody should think that somebody is going to get the joint action of EVERYBODY! With suffering in the effort, with a lot of effort! ; And the religion as the inspiration of all the efforts, because without it we would be without direction and exhausted, until death. I recommended you to see these movies. They are easy to see on Youtube.

   They will raise the spirits, as me.

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