Current mistakes

   Many people say that they disagree with the course that are taking things and with the ideals that are being promoted from the media.

   An important moment was the revolution of 68 that was more a counter-culture than a cultural advance. It was marked by three prominent aspects: the erosion of the authority, the loss of a sense of tradition and the flight of realism.

   In recent years we have witnessed the deterioration of the authority in the family, where sometimes the children are those who insult, threaten and attack parents; they commit indiscipline in school with lack of respect to teachers and school violence among students. This is causing that teachers increasingly suffering from depression and other emotional disorders.

   Another aspect of the revolution of 68 has been the loss of the sense of tradition. Social advances occur when they rely on the achievements to date in order to achieve other positive goals. Because of the cultural and social traditions, we know the past history and its conquests and this allows us to continue improving. When the tradition cuts off and we renounce to the achievements of the past, the man remains intellectually orphaned and exposed to an easy handling.

   The third aspect is the flight of realism. For some people things are not as they are, but as they think. They do not look for reality but subjectivism, I mean, the positive or negative impression that things produce in their feelings. It does not matter the truth, but the truth for oneself. From here, we can get easily to deny the truth or falsity of the facts, the goodness or evil of actions and the relativism. Is it right to steal? For a relativist that depends if you are captured or not. If you are captured with the hands in the cookie jar is bad and you could go to jail, but if you are not captured is good because you have much money. This may be the cause of the increase in the number of cases of corruption.

   But the sexual revolution is what more has transcended from the revolution of 68. This is characterized by the pursuit of pleasure and the promiscuity between boys and girls without thinking about the consequences.

   Through institutional campaigns, the use of condoms, the morning-after pill and abortion has been promoted. But at the same time the sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chancre and especially the terrible disease of aids have also increased. It seems that the sin and penance walk hand in hand.

   All this thinking has crystallized in the gender ideology that with the apparent protection of what is politically correct, is present in politics, culture and the media.

   The gender ideology rejects the natural and stable sexuality of the human couple, as well as the family as the basic unit of society and seeks to impose the political ideology more antisocial that man has created.
   Arturo Ramo

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