Educating the freedom

   The mission of the educator, both father and teacher is double: make that the boy is aware of the great value of his freedom and teaches him to put it into practice correctly. This is easy to say and hard to do it, among other things because the concept of freedom and its relationship with the good and love does not understand correctly.

   Sometimes freedom is understood as the opposite of what is necessary and required. Moreover, animal instincts force to pursue our own good and freedom would be the opposite of them.

   Trends of fallen nature also guide humans to focus on themselves and to love selfishly.

   Freedom can specify in wanting what is not bound by our instincts and tendencies. In other words, true freedom is to want the good for another person. Freedom must be conceived as capacity of self-conduct toward self-perfection and self-education.

   Paradoxically we have more freedom when we think in other people and forget ourselves. Selfishness prevents to improve us and be free, because it kills the authentic freedom. In today’s world seems to have imposed subjectivism (what I like, what I want) and everything turns on oneself: the ego is the center of the universe. Contemporary man is unhappy as far as he is captured with himself. It seems that he is a prisoner of himself.

   Finally, freedom means to be able and want to love others and strive in self-education.

   Freedom is the power to choose between good and evil. A man may commit suicide because he is free but this fact does not improve as a person, or increases his freedom.

   Arturo Ramo García

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