Hannah Montana, Virgin until Marriage

   The young and popular actress Miley Cirus of the Disney television series, Hannah Montana, one of the most famous teenagers of the universe, has expressed her religious beliefs in public. She has achieved extraordinary level of attendance in all the seasons.

   She causes excitement wherever she goes. The manifestations that she has done about her religiosity and the meaning of existence are what have touched. In a press conference, she said that “she had had the opportunity to make movies», but she had opted to wait because she wanted to play «positive roles.”

   «The most important for me is the religion because all that happens around me is important. That is why I want to do things that I and my parents feel proud.”

   We must add that «she was convinced to remains virgins until marriage», Claim that she has done to the media

   Miley Cyrus has expressed be modest and has known to ask indulgence. The controversy erupted when the weekly Vanity Fair published some photos in which she was covered with a canvas and exhibited her butt. The images were very suggestive, unsuitable for a young girl; she recognized her slip.

   Something is changing. Millionaire young women are admired by the crowds, practitioners in their dogmas and virgins. The empress of all them is Miley Cyrus, a teenager that from 9 years old was home Schooler. She began her artistic career at the age of 12. In the first season of Hannah Montana, she got $2,240,000 for her interpretation. She is ranked 35 of the 100 richest famous of the universe and very soon she will reach the figure of one billion dollars.

   There is the risk that the popular actress incurred in a slip and her prestige collapse. In this context, the television chain Disney Chanel would suffer.

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