Lend a hand or protest

   There was a country where the cows were fat and beautiful but a rancher with much temper began to milk them in a normal way, then beyond the normal way until exhaustion. He did so for seven years and, obviously, the cows were too skinny.

   Then another rancher came and when he saw the devastating panorama took drastic measures: took care very much of cows so they did not die and of course, he milked them with much less frequently since their udders were as wrinkled as a prune.

   Perhaps this country will have to pass through other seven lean years. It depends on the effort and the talents of everybody to lend a hand. It is imprudent what those, who are indignant because the fat years have finished, do: In order to get out of the economic crisis, they only protest against the new responsible that has enough work to avoid the ruin.
   José Murillo

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