Marijuana and schizophrenia

   One of the scourges of today’s youth is the drugs consumption due to the serious physical and psychological deterioration that the drug users suffer.

   A study made in the policlinic Cucker hillside (Glen Oaks, New York) shows a parallelism in the brain of the users of marijuana and the sick of schizophrenia. The technique of image projection of the tensor of the diffusion was used to achieve this result.

   Regular consumption of this drug predisposes to suffer a brain derangement and dementia. Drugs cause degeneration and death, millions of people little knowledgeable about their effects are assured victims. Together with that, it is developing one of the most dirty and terrible business that humanity has ever known. It is necessary a new culture that considers life as something sacred that nothing and anyone can attack. It is necessary the battle against the trade and the waste of drug trafficking.

   Drug users think that the drug more damaging is the cocaine, followed by the pills and cannabis. But drugs also produce problems in relationships between people: 16% get into a fight, 14% end in violence and 11.7 % suffer or cause accidents.

   What can we do with this problem? We need to stop this harmful social disease that is the source of crime, cruelty and produces a pernicious physical and emotional devastation of many drug users. It is required a social and political commitment, as well as the cooperation of the authorities worldwide and the awareness of everybody.
   Arturo Ramo

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