Medical cooperation in suicide

   From a study that the Medical Ethics Committee sent to the Government of Sweden, the Swedes are fighting for approve the suicide with medical cooperation. In that study, they ask to analyze the probability of a «medical assistance to the free choice of death.» That means that they propose to consider the possibility that doctors attend the seriously ill who want to die.

   This writing has favored that most Swedes say what they think. For example, the Catholic prelate Anders Arborelius that in a letter sent to the media stated that the approval of this would means a cruel ethical change in the way of caring for the sick and dying, which are the ones who need our company, care and the security that we are not going to leave them in the decline of their existence.

   A humanity that does not diminish the palliative care for the terminal ill is a society that is concerned by all mortals (weak and strong people). A humanity that allows that doctors, instead of helping their patients, help them to suicide is a society that has abandoned efforts to facilitate an unbeatable attention.

   The legislations transmit our values, say Bishop Arborelius. If society approves to execute a suicide when a person is painfully weak, it states that a seriously ill does not deserve to live. What is the message that it propagates to other seriously ill, to the disabled, to those who are in the end of their life, and to those who suffer a severe neurosis?

   Do these sick want to commit suicide? Do they want to die? Or do they think that are a burden on the family? As human beings and society, we must make all the efforts to try to know the cause of a demand for suicide in order to help them.

   The euthanasia takes over the death in advance mode by eliminating its own existence, it is inhuman. We are faced with a culture of death that is advancing in affluent societies.
   Clemente Ferrer

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