Positive judge

   All parents and teachers want the good education of children. How to get it?

   Adults tend to exaggerate the incorrect behavior of children. This makes them think that their faults are very dug in that it is not worth fighting to overcome them.

   Therefore, it is more positive to tell them that we trust that this time they will get good grades because they are going to study very much instead of telling them that are lazy and inconstant.
we cannot accuse them of having little will and do not end up nothing of what they start, on the contrary we must encourage them to demonstrate that they can do it.

   It is preferable to consider that children have good intentions. In the background, everybody have a series of good feelings that nature has given them, and it is the mission of teachers to put them on a sound. We must promote positive values that will create a reasonable personality. We have to assume in the children the qualities that we want to see in them and apply the legal principle that the good must be thought and the evil must be tested.

   However, we often pay attention more in the negative things than in the positive things that people do. It is a bad policy to put labels to children. Although we discover a lie, we cannot say that the child is a liar. Likewise, if a day he steals money to his brother, it does not mean that he is a thief.

   Although the child do something bad, we cannot repeat that he does not do anything well or that he is lazy. If he fails a subject, we cannot accuse him of not studying or that he will ruin our summer.

   When we think negative things of other people, these critical thinking develop negative attitudes and end up in misconduct.

   In short, children give much importance to what people say about them and are very sensitive to positive encouragement. We must support them in the good qualities that every child has and help them to improve as person.
   Arturo Ramo

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