Promoting freedom

   A common goal of educators is that children grow up in freedom and in responsibility. For this, we must promote and encourage that they make their own decisions and choose among various options. Alongside this we will help them to distinguish what is good for others and for themselves. Promoting freedom is always encouraging them to make choices for love.

   But children can make mistakes in their choices and in spite of this; it is preferable to trust on them, even with the risk that they may deceive their parents and teachers. Soon they will be aware of their actions and be ashamed, gaining responsibility. But if we do not trust on them, they will always deceive.

   So teachers have to make the effort to trust in the children’s ability to decide. When we are convinced that children are competent to make decisions and manage their life with this attitude we make their forecasts happen and the children will grow in freedom and responsibility.

   Otherwise, if educators think that children are bad or are not able to make good decisions, these thoughts will influence them and although educators do not directly say anything about children, they will perceive the views of adults and comply with that prediction: they will end mistrust in teachers and their education will not improve.

   Promoting freedom is to become slowly more free and independent those who educators are responsible: it is important that they learn to fend for themselves, to be responsible of their decisions and achieve full freedom and full responsibility.

   Arturo Ramo García

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