Silent killing

   Every day millions of children are killed in the world. They are aborted, removed and their morphologies are destined for the investigation, the elaboration of creams or dumped to the garbage cans. Does it is not terrible and horrible? How do we respond?

   Abortion responds to the ignorance, pressures and loneliness that pregnant mothers in distress suffer. The solution: should not we help them, rather than push them to massacre the baby? Abortion has two victims: the baby who is killed, and the mother that will have the «post-abortion syndrome» throughout her life. «It is more easily for the mother to abort than forget it” » a child in arms weighs less than in awareness.» Abortion is not a right; it is an assault, a murder. This life attack is spreading throughout Europe, the United States and Latin America. Initiatives in defense of women and the unborn have proliferated there.

   It is famous the tenacious work of a doctor, champion of the Israeli war; the specialist Eli Schussheim who direct the largest anti-abortion institution of his country for twenty-eight years ago. He returned to Israel in 1977 and faced to the decree that legalized the abortion in Israel. He was the initiator of Efrat, institution that is guiding a work for the protection of babies. He has saved 17,000 babies from abortion. His institution persuades fragile adolescents to not abort and have expressed the need to «restore the right to choose life». The components of Efrat do not hesitate to label as «silent holocaust» the two million of aborted babies in Israel since 1948, the date of the constitution of the State of Israel.

   After many struggles with the powerful Council of Rabbis in Israel, Schussheim has achieved that abortions are censored and that a commission to promote the practice of the rigorous current abortion law or the cancellation of the abortion practices introduces in the Israeli Parliament.

   In a true democracy, should not take precedence the right of everyone to life, sanctioned by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948?

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