The choice of school

   One of the most important decisions that parents make is the choice of school for their children. In many occasions they do it for very simple reasons: the proximity of the school to the home or workplace, if it has sport facilities or dining room, the age of teachers and the absence of bad news or complaints from other parents. They would also have to consider what kind of education they prefer for their children.

   Parents want their children relate to other kids of good families and would prefer to not have many foreigners or students of other ethnicities at school. Another important objective is that they achieve success in school that will probably facilitate them a good social success and a good job.

   They also want that their children are athletics, good classmates and are not liars or weaklings and have a good religious education.

   At present, there is a drop of the responsibility of parents in the education of children. They sometimes say that they do not feel prepared so leave this obligation in the hands of teachers and the school. Other parents say that they are very busy because they both must work to have a good life. They are very concerned about the family’s basic needs such as food, health, clothing, holidays and the grades of children. However, they often do not go either the general meetings of parents because they think that teachers will not inform them of anything new or the personal meetings with the professor or course tutor, unless there are study or children’s behavior problems. We might say that these types of parents are not aware of the importance of the choice of school for the human and academic education of their children.

   Parents are the first educators of their children and should seek the cooperation of the teachers. For this reason, they should have the same basic criteria in the human education of children in order to be honest, noble, generous, workers, courageous, cheerful and good classmates. These personal and other academics values are collected in the ideology of the school, which parents must know and assess before making the important decision to bring their children to a particular school.
   Arturo Ramo

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