The end moves people

   «The end moves the agent» is a classic expression that I used to translate by: «the end moves the people.» It is important to have a clear purpose both in mind and in heart (it will define in the course of live) because if we do not have it then the immobility and the senseless appear. «If we are not going anywhere» then why we are moving; it would be worth nothing.

   Young people and adults sometimes are conformist and do not think about their acts. It seems that everything does not matter. The weight of closed horizons is discovered in their roots; they do not look beyond the moment and leave their thoughts and affections paralyzed.

   In such situations, we need the lights of intelligence that arouse and the power of love that moves the will. Lights that often come from outside: a situation, the example of other close people or not, friends (…) and, always the courage to commit ourselves to the truth, the goodness, and the realization of values, which always will require us overcoming resistance and violence.

   Daring to «not pass», to participate in the race that we have to run; to reach the goal, to not give in, requires effort and courage but also it is necessary the illusion and encouragement, and the example of other people in order to achieve the good and the prize.
   José Arnal

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