Together to survive

   Many people concerned about the crisis (financial, economic, political and ethical) think that their children will live in worse living conditions than they have lived until now. In a short time, we have passed from a generation where a fifty years person can choice for pre retirement to another where it is possible that when they come to the fifty might not have found a decent employment, unless they have emigrated. Not only the macroeconomic scares, but even the closest figures do: there are approximately six million unemployed people, a total of nine and a half million of pensions and only 17 million people that pay to the Social Security. We should not forget to mention the fall of the property estate: your home and my home. The forecast for the immediate future are negative, and then we will have to go back.

   It has been said that one problem of our political system is that governments look over the short term and do not see the future and focus more on solving their selfishness instead of having initiatives. So, returning to the past, the rapid pace of change catches them unawares. The crisis that has caught us asleep in the economic boom of the past decades joints to these changes. The last state control has cut off the initiative of individuals, communities, society: the official moves the entrepreneur. A past that should not be repeated, nor the ferocity or disqualification in the political discrepancy: wolves in the middle of the frost steppe that expect to fed from the wounded animal.

   In theory, in any organization, the rotation of government teams is a need to win in agility in the decisions and avoid stalemate in the routine with appearance of effectiveness which often leads to ruin. We have changed Government which means a wind of hope. In the new Government seems to be a new clear horizon of work, some goals, such as a long-distance runner sees, knowing that the finish line is far away, but with tenacity he will reach it.

   Things are not easy. We must not forget that we has received a society divided politically and geographically; colonized by a form of government that has undermined the roots on which the western civilization is built. When traditional values are lost, there has been an ethical wasteland, where corruption, lie, violence, attacks on the life have become a custom; where we must to rebuild both the moral and the economy, and where we have to deactivate the «dormant mines» which are already beginning to explode in view of the new Government’s actions. If we add social problems to the economic, we will only aggravate the crisis.

   Our society needs someone to push it, to give it hope and initiative, to give it reasons to fight. We should not wait that the ruler offers a solution because it is an illusion. At this stage, we need solidarity, not with this or with another party, but with Spain and with the Spanish of all ideologies and trends, leaving the selfishness in the bag.
   Agustín Pérez Cerrada

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