What is strenght?

   Adolescence is a nice stage of life where the teenager begins to comprehend the deficiencies of the world and thus cultivates wishes to change it, improve it, and resolve its problems. However, this is not as easy as it sounds, since there are external factors (all is organized, all is already discovered), and internal factors (not knowing what he or she really wants, and not having the resources for it) that make it more difficult to do so. When a teenager has a goal or project to realize, he or she needs strength and effort in order to achieve it.

   However, what is strength? It is a great virtue; the virtue of those in love; the virtue of those who are convinced; the virtue of those who for a worthy cause are willing to take even the biggest risks; the virtue, in short, of those who without ignoring how valuable life is – and that each life is unrepeatable – gives it with pleasure, if necessary, for the sake of a higher good (Galera, J.A. Sinceridad y Fortaleza, Edic Palabra, Madrid, 1974).

   How can this higher good be reached? Humans have few possibilities of doing great things, such as saving many lives during a fire, or discover a new star, or discover the cure for cancer and HIV/AIDS. However, it is not about doing superhuman acts. Instead, it is about doing small things that are based on constant service and efforts yielding something greater due to the love dedicated to it. Children need to know that their lives are valuable; that even if they experience misery and believe that their lives are not worthy, each person has a nontransferable mission through which he or she can help others and glorify God. Each one of us can and must love, serve others, exit from the self and excel one’s self in order to work and study better (Translated by Gianna Sanchez Moretti).
   Arturo Ramo

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