The study at different ages

One of the common concerns of parents is that their children are good students and complete their professional studies.
However, it is important to know that the attitudes for the study are different according to the age. Small children have a great desire to learn and a curiosity very wide. In childhood constant questions that guys do their parents and teachers are typical.Children aged 6-11 years like to stand out in the study, feeling satisfied if they get good grades or any prize at the school. In addition, in this age they tend to develop the skills that facilitate the study, such as the memory, the capacity for observation and the logical intelligence. This is an age very conducive to acquire positive habits of study, like work hard as well as become a reading lover and help other people.
When kids get older and are adolescents things change: intellectual curiosity decreases and they don’t worry to suit well before parents and teachers. It sometimes seems that they fall into the laziness and lack of willingness that adversely affects school performance.
Another important change in adolescence is the use of free time. In normal circumstances the leisure time is an opportunity to cultivate hobbies and personal interests, make new friends and improve the cultural level. However, adolescents often make a bad use of it; making the most of it to enjoy an autonomous behavior without the dependence on parents and teachers. This age is an opportunity to affirm themselves their insecure personality and visit friends. Free time is a help to release from the tensions inherent in the age. But we can also make a bad use of it and becomes a permanent idleness where permissive life queen and do not appear neither rules of conduct nor personal self-demanding. These circumstances do not help neither human maturation nor intellectual.

Arturo Ramo

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