Study Problems

The media and public opinion talk about the serious problem of the failure at school of students and the low results in the international assessment tests.

Nowadays students face several problems in the study and need the help of parents and teachers to overcome them. We can highlight the lack of interest to any subject, the lack of a place to study, the lack of a schedule, and the absence of study techniques.

One problem is the lack of interest in any subject; I mean that they do not found meaning to what they are studying. They often ask: what is this for? What gives me again? When students do not like a subject or do not find meaning, it is difficult to apply their force of will and study hardly. That is why parents and teachers have to look for reasons to see the positive and enriching side of the subject and all cultural content.

Another problem for the study is the lack of a positive climate or place to concentrate, understand the subjects, reflect and memorize the contents. To do all of this, a suitable place, full silence and if possible the examples of other students are needed. It seems that these conditions are found in libraries and study rooms of universities, university colleges and cultural centers. Likewise, parents must put all the means to the students will be able to find a positive place of study in their own room, avoiding any type of noise, such as telephones, radio and mainly without television.

Some students do not know organize their work and lack a flexible schedule of study. It is important to set an hour to begin to study and put all the will power to do it. It is also good to make a list of tasks with lessons to study, exercises of homework or exam preparation. Once you have made the list, the paragraphs are sorted and work begins.

Finally, the lack of some study techniques is often a major problem to achieve good performance. Although each student has his personal way of study, it is advisable dominate some general forms of study. The usual steps are the reading comprehension, the analysis of the text looking for the main ideas (underlined text), the organization of them (with an outline or summary) and the memorizing of all the content. We can found effective study skills at schools and Internet.

All the effort of parents, teachers and students to solve the abovementioned problems will be very positive to eradicate the scourge of failure at school and obtain the personal and professional success that everybody want.

Arturo Ramo García

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