It is clear that if we want to get out of the crisis, it is not enough to be optimistic but we must also not to get discouraged and have value. I think there is a very important factor because many things depend on it: the quality of Work.

If we want to be competitive at national and international levels, the secret is to be better than the competition and for that it is necessary to have a good professional training and keep the mind with a victorious attitude that lead us to work with all perfection even in the smallest details.

When we buy something we usually look at these small details either it’s a dress, a pair of shoes or a house; well finished things are sold because reflect that have been made carefully and this is what attracts the sales. In contrast, botched jobs, traps or deception attempts often give bad results because people will move away from us.

Doing the right things does not mean more effort to make them bad, but quite the contrary because we realize when make a botched job and if we are good professionals will have to take it apart and rebuild it investing more time.

Recently when I read the book of an American author writing in 1915, it attracts my attention that when he commented on a catastrophe that took place in Madrid at the beginning of the century, when a tank sank while they were in full work and cost the lives of many people, said that «the neglect of the technicians should not be attributed to the so-called «things of Spain» that the Spaniards, shorts in thinking and sloths in devise, use to insult their own homeland.»

I do not believe that we want to be in this situation and much less immobile in view of the crisis because as the author said «the misleading habit of doing things badly can not at least cause the same deficiency in our conduct. A man who habitually neglects his work and works lightly also will neglect the formation of his character and will eventually become demoralized».

Finally I have to say that if we want to overcome this crisis, we must take advantage of the training courses, search job without stopping, work hardly caring for the quality and later benefits that lead us to success will come.

Juan Carbo


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