Radical Feminism


One of the facts that characterize our time is the manipulation of language and the confusion of the concepts. Words are empty of its original meaning and take other new content.

Some of this happens with the original feminism and the radical feminism which has derived from the previous. Christina Hoff Sommers sets that feminism is the belief in the legal and moral equality of the sexes. It is a spontaneous movement of the history that is starred by women and is non-political in nature, but has to do with all the fields of life and pursues the just reinvocation of legal, social and political equality of women and men.

Radical feminism is a political ideology substitute of Marxism in the imaginary theorist of the progressive left. As well as there are rich oppressors and oppressed, also women are imprisoned in an oppressive patriarchal system

The level of radicalism of this feminism can have different degrees of development of Maoist character, from the most basic to the most extreme and radical cases.

From the remains of the radical feminism emerged in the United States the gender ideology, which today involves other feminist movements. The feminist Mª Giovanna Nocelli asserts that «accept the gender ideology is, for the feminism, a form of suicide».

The gender ideology has developed models for the emancipation of women, which expect the egalitarianism between men and women; although in reality it ends up being reduced to «imitate the man.»

Arturo Ramo García

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