A modern vice: The Mobile Phone


Perhaps already victims of consumer society, we are seeing the prediction of the future in which we would be hooked to a cell phone that invades our privacy, as does the TV, making it a pseudo-drug hitching us through. Initially configured as a working tool for executives, it has evolved into a regular appliance of multicolored design. Sociologically it has ended up being an equalizer, not just an economic status symbol that is available to everyone.


From its initial purpose of managing voice messages in a few years it has expanded its services to become a small pocket computer and an entertainment device: voice communication and writing, take and transmit images, video, games, connection internet, radio, which is almost infinite. Parallel to this other «toys» join in as the Tablet, MP3, etc. A technological revolution which is having social effects on our customs. These terminals, becoming lighter, offer an apparent freedom: that of not having to stay in one place, in Exchange for slavery: having the device to one’s ear.

Their sounds can be one of the hallmarks of this beginning of the millennium: they sound anywhere, on the street, at church, at the movies or on the bus. No meeting or gathering of friends is free of interruption by a tune or a lament, with the result that the person receiving the call is isolated from the whole. And this is not the fault of this little gadget, but the person using it who cannot control himself; we must learn therefore to leave it alone quietly when we share space with others.

For many teens – and adults – mobile has become a kind of toy obsession. Just watch them watching time and time wrapped up at the screen, at the agenda, pressing keys spellbound to see the LCD messages: a form of mechanical communication, even when the receiver of the call walks next to him. Have not you ever seen a group of four or five teenagers in which each is handling his or her gadget, isolated from each other? Virtual communication doing away with the real.

The widespread use of this technical marvel among generations born almost with the device in hand, starts to worry parents and educators for its influence on the capacity of children and young people of school age, thus indiscriminate content (pornography and violence in plain language) that runs across networks, and because the child can resent his or her dedication to the studies, or because the level of attention paid to the cell can lead to disconnect from their environment, or lose some of their ability to care in relation to the immediate tasks they perform. In this age, in many cases, the use of mobile computers is equivalent to having access to the Internet, where technical agility in search of information can have a negative counterpart to jump from one data to another without retaining any in subject to the memory capabilities; or no time for reflective attitude that involves reading a paper book.

Another worry about electromagnetic pollution, proactively advises that children limit their use to keep emissions to a minimum. Advantages and servitude of technology that should be controlled

Agustín Pérez Cerrada


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