Coerced by doctors, parents send their sick babies to death



The newspaper of wide circulation, Daily Mail, has published two stories on the implementation of euthanasia in the UK. In a hospital in Liverpool sick babies and cancer patients were left to die, although they could have had medical treatment and achieve a cure. In addition, a doctor recognized that he avoided feeding and hydrating ten babies in the neonatal unit of a London hospital.

The newspaper reports the concern in the Royal College of Physicians, as there are cancer patients who arrive at the emergency and pass directly to the terminal palliative care units, when they could have received treatments aimed at curing their disease.


Also, the Daily Mail highlights the case of a woman of 56 years who was diagnosed with lung cancer and was transported to one of these units for the terminally ill, against the judgment of the oncologists, who wanted to apply a treatment.


In addition, the newspaper «British Medical Journal» published an article written by a famous doctor who certifies that under the coercion of doctors, parents give conformity to enter their kids in these units to die. In cases where they choose to settle the existence of the sick children and they are disconnected from the feeding and hydration tubes, the endurance time is «greater than physicians believe», it can exceed ten days, until the death of the baby.


The same paper contains the allegation of Bernadette Lloyd, a pediatric nurse in palliative care, who sent a letter to the Ministry of Health in which she denounced that the parents «feel coerced» when making a decision about the survival of their afflicted children.


«It's very difficult to predict death,» says Lloyd. «I've seen a fair number of cases where children recover after having been given as incurable» she adds. «I have also seen children die of thirst in a terrible way,» and describes the death «in agony» of a 14-year-old child who died of dehydration and this caused his tongue being stuck to the palate. «This is euthanasia by the back door», says the nurse. (Source: InfoCatólica).


No one can kill an innocent human being, whether a fetus, an embryo, a baby, an adult, an elderly or sick in his irremediable final outcome. The Encyclical «Evangelium vitae» states that: «Euthanasia is a grave violation of God's law, as it is the deliberate and morally unacceptable killing of a human person».


Some believe that euthanasia is a right. Nothing is more distant from reality. There is a right to live, but not to die or to kill. The culture of death is improper in a civilized society. In this only fits the culture of life.


Clemente Ferrer Roselló


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