The inhuman and perverse New Global Ethic

The new global ethic hides an anti-Christian agenda rooted in Western apostasy. It also imposes the dictatorship of relativism which denies the truth, revelation, reality and morality.

Relativism holds that there are many truths about things, at least as many people believe have knowledge of them.

Therefore, the new global ethic has replaced the universal values on which the international order was founded in 1945. The new truths are erroneous have been established to replace the old and present themselves with the same forcefulness

The new global ethic is corrupted by his radical position. The aspirations of humanity have been kidnapped positioned above all kinds of legitimate hierarchy.

On behalf of a new global ethic, you have the right to take decisions intrinsically evil such as abortion, the «free love», euthanasia, assisted suicide and the rejection of any form of legitimate authority.

«Bentham, patented the attitude of good citizen to positive law» obey promptly and censor free «. Bobbio also rejected so forcefully described as «ideological positivism»: the strange idea that a law, by the mere fact of being legitimately set, generate a moral obligation of obedience. Political correctness, however, leads to the Wild West: banned ban, because here nothing can be considered truth or lie; but I would not, stranger … «(Andres Ollero)

Benedict XVI’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Pope highlighted three properties of these rights: universality, indivisibility and interdependence, and warned against the danger of weakening with relativistic interpretation.

Clement Ferrer

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