A cancer that degrades the human being

After publishing A quiet revolution, Jesus Trillo-Figueroa launches a new book in which he retraces his main arguments against radical feminism and the corrosive gender ideology.

This book provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide about all the influences that have received this anti-humanism.

At the same time, the new book expands the overview and it wins intellectual perspective. Since the introduction, we value the effort of Trillo-Figueroa to unravel the sources that nourish the corrosive gender ideology. On the one hand, according to the author this is a new version of the dialectics proposed by Marxism about women in the place of the working class. The historical review of the author and the readings which support his thesis is laudable: from Marcuse or Aldous Huxley to Germain Gree, the conference of Pekin in 1995 Otom Wolfe and his “ I’m Charlotte Simmons”. Moreover, the degrading gender ideology introduces all the aspirations that today seems to have achieved: abortion rights, promotion of homosexuality and bisexuality, divorce “express” and “gay marriage” or artificial insemination.

Trillo-Figueroa advises of the danger resulting from this terrible gender ideology based on two adages: the man mistreats women and the “gender” are a cultural invention that should disappear. In a first stage, the subhuman gender ideology intends to separate the sex from the sexuality, affection, family and reproduction. In a second stage, it denies the existence of sex and it incites to promiscuity since childhood at the same time. Thes result of this degrading ideology process is the cancellation of sexual identy and therefore the dimension of complementarity between a woman and a man.

The books lets to unmask the authors frauds like Margaret Mead or Alfred Kinsey, whose works have been raised to the status of scientific truth for the defenders of the evil gender ideology. In the biographical compendium of the parents of this erroneous doctrine, Trillo-Figueroa highlights the aspects more pathetic so that the book becomes a mockery against all people who have helped to develop this degrading gender ideology.

Clemente Ferrer

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