The origin of gender ideology


Throughout the history of philosophy, there has been lapidary phrases that have been made famous by the degree of acceptance they have obtained, especially by many highly educated and intelligent people who we call intellectual because they have developed to the maximum level their intelectual capacity.

One of those phrases, for example, by the French philosopher Descartes in the seventeenth century when he said: “I think, therefore I am”, which is a perogrullescapero truth that can not stand the derivative that would be: “then when I do not think, I do not exist” which is not true.

Another of those famous phrases by Simone de Beauvoirescritora, a French philosopher when she wrote in 1949: “One is not born woman, but becomes one”, which can not withstand the slightest positive analysis comparing it with the reality of being human. It is as if a lion could think and say: “I was not born lion but I’ve become a lion” since, obviously if you weren’t born a woman or lion, can’t become a woman or lion.

This reasoning from S. de Beauvoir is a false statement as it is unreal, it has captivated the intelligence of many intellectuals surprisingly, who have taken advantage of developing a new theory of human sexuality called: “gender ideology”, which has already imposed at high levels to the European and Western policy, through the ONU, UNESCO, OMS and the U.E. ¿How has it be possible? ¿What have those intellectual encouraged to feel captivated and be stimulated to develop and to impose it?.

I think what has encouraged them to do it, it is the human pride, it happens especially to those people who make the thinking, study and writing their profession and livelihood because the level of ordinary people who lives the difficulties, illusions and disappointments of everyday life and don’t have a higher intellectual qualification, they don’t raise the question at all, live and act in accordance with their human nature and what their common sense says.

The development of this original and fallacious phrase of Madame de Beauvoir, is already consisting of those Western societies, to deny the consequences of the sexual nature received by each person when they are born and to choose the sex they want to belong and the sexual orientation they want to be part freely, to the point that it is not only providing by the law of gender identity to adult people but it is also intending to provide children who can choose their sex in an early premature children and having sex with other children early, without distinction of sex, age or family relationship which is an usurpation of the will and responsability by the parents who are the main responsible for the education of their children.

In addition, they are getting it through laws, regulations, guidelines etc. which has begun to take effect legally in the coexistence of those societies, through those and other international organizations without the common people be aware of it.
Roberto Grao Gracia

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