Praise fidelity

   In these times of abandonments and betrayals, we should make a compliment to fidelity and loyalty,faithfulness seems to be unfashionable. The same fashion gives us contrary examples with its frivolity models. Thus, political figures or of the scene, writers or filmmakers, great economists and many others show in their words, in their business and in their life that the committed word is no longer a warranty; neither an oath of eternal love nor written contracts are reliable and we must be careful with the small print and it is sure that you will find reflective justifications to make the contrary to what was promised, as says the known song “we”. “I love you with my soul, I swear that I adore you but on behalf of that love….we must break away”. ¡What a paradox!.

   It seems they have forgotten the guidelines that we took from time ago. Those reflected in literature and that they were shown in bright models: Penélope, wife of Ulysses, model of patience and perseverance that make possible the fidelity; Hamlet’s Ophelia and Hamlet himself, in his faithfulness to the memory of his murdered father; or the fidelity of D. Quijote de la Mancha to their ideals, and even Sancho Panza, his squire, who follows faithfully. Also, among mortals, those figures that the history of each country reminds us: The Cid Campeador, which represents the fidelity of the servant requiring the oath of the king in Santa Gadea de Burgos; the English and humanist Chancellor Thomas More with an example of filedity to God; or Davy Crockett, the legendary American hero in the Battle of the Álamo and many others. All this without counting the crowd of fathers and mothers who live their fidelity without saying it and even more who help to bring up their children with some disabilities.

   The models seems to be others nowadays. The hedonistic individualism knows little about loyalties.The tabloids, magazines and television programmes with their garbage programmes spread, encourage the frivolity of superficial figures, they become accepted and even applauded. All that contributes to the conformism which leads to the average citizen to imitate those models with personal behaviour where the fidelity and loyalty are no longer a prior assumption of the conducts and relations: the permanent is regarded with caution giving preference to the ephemeral approaching lightly. In this case, the important thing seems to be “do what everyone does”, the young generations will ignore what loyalty is which leads to a honest person to fulfill the commitments freely made.

   The cause of the loyal man survives him while the cause of the selfish dies with him. Loyalty and fidelity must always fight against the natural tendency of a man, to focus life around himself and to the own interests.

   To the social comformism, it would have to react somehow, as possibly that elderly couple would have reacted when they went for a walk through our park, holding their hands, looking at each other like when they were groom and bride, whose contemplation inspire me to write these lines: they were already a compliment to the fidelity.