Pfizer , laboratories against life


The multinational Wyeth was acquired by Pfizer Laboratories. This merger increases the market for the business of death. They manufacture and sell condoms and abortion pills. Users react acquiring alternative drugs with the same active ingredient . Pfizer hides the truth about the drug under the title of “emergency contraception”.

It is the union of two laboratories to prevent the conception of children worldwide. An economic consortium for birth planning . Two laboratories seeking only financial gain at the expense of the death of many helpless and innocent human beings. They represent the power of death that can not be stopped.

Furthermore, the Ministers of Health and Education met in Mexico City gathering to stop the social scourge of AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean. At the event, delegates of the Caribbean area proposed to praise the abstinence before marriage and the fidelity after the betrothal . These proposals were rejected radically.

It is true that in recent years, our society has prepared the children, not to be older , but to be perennial adolescents, unable to perform as adults. This is evident in the behavior of boys, who move seeking individually the mere delight. The kids do not want toys, but drugs, do not want balls , but alcohol and do not want candy, but sex.

Who wins? Condom and Morning – After Pill manufacturers, who are enriched with the adolescents carnal passion. The girls end up in abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood, who have millions in profits. Hence the ingenuity of the Ministers of Health and Education, by hindering the promotion of abstinence before and fidelity after marriage, because his real interest is not the happiness of adolescents, but the billionaire business linked to the sale of condoms and abortifacients, which leaves the young away from any kind of personal balance.

They spread the condom and morning after pills, because these habits offer «pleasure without consequences» while abstinence and fidelity require discipline and courage, something that today's youth refuses.

If we educate teens, they will be strengthened, making it more difficult to manipulate their inclinations to promote the consumption of these products. As a result, the speculation made by the manufacturer of condoms and morning after pills, will not get the millions in profits that they are making so far. Prescribing abortive products of the above laboratories is to cooperate with evil.


Clemente Ferrer


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