Sex change


Gender ideology is characterized to threaten against the human nature. Indeed, through the misuse of freedom it is claimed that the human being can change his sexual identity as he pleases, regardless of the sex he had when he was born.

Under the tenets of this ideology is claimed that the sex can be changed voluntarily which is false completely, as a friend of mine told “rotten lie”. It is false since by many medical and surgical treatments received it isn't achieved, only the appearance of the opposite sex because we can't stop being a man anatomical and physiologically speaking. If you were born with a male sex, the only thing you can get is your genitals amputees and you won't be able to become a father.

The same happens with the woman, who were born with the natural attributes of a woman with a small quantity of males genitals organs and she won't be able to become a mother and she turns into a man appparently.

In both cases if they carry out their purposes they will become hybrid people who are not really neither one thing nor the other, something like when a horse pairs with a donkey or vice versa, a mule is given birth without the ability to father.

It is a pity that some people decide to take that pernicious way of trying to change sex because the result will be, in addition to the inability to beget a son, a personal suffering that entails a new situation and the physiological problems that will suffer while he/she is alive because of the medical treatments that must be underwent voluntarily.

This article has the inttention of defending the human nature, it is not malleable voluntarily and trying to prevent those people from changing their sex, deceiving themselves or being deceived by others who with their ideology intend to extend that attitude contrary to the human nature received or given by God to every human when we are born.


Roberto Grao



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