The success of internet advertising eats television


Advertising campaigns that make better investment in sales are those located in emission stripes with a wider audience , according to the first comprehensive study of sales effectiveness of television advertising done by Kantar Worldpanel and Atresmedia Publicidad.

However, television has increasingly less success with viewers , who are switching to the Internet to consume content in video format. This flight will cause that 25,000 million from the budget so far destined for traditional TV, will go over the network of networks in the next five years, according to a recent study by Distilled.

The advertising market of traditional television has stood the internet harassment despite the downward trend in the number of viewers , but the current situation is not sustainable , says Distilled .

Not surprisingly , 80% of U.S. households already have a device connected to the Internet for watching television. The increasing proliferation of these devices is causing platforms like Netflix and Youtube alter patterns of television consumption , the study concludes.

Different studies have predicted the potential for Netflix to destroy the longstanding television, but it seems that the combination of hardware, software and connection speed has reached a critical point that will favor in the coming years the advertising broadcast on streaming video platforms like Hulu or Netflix. Television advertising will lose its big share in the advertising pie.

«Internet is doing what it does best: to free the television from the tyranny of programming and make that the viewer can watch shows online anytime, anywhere,» says Will Critchlow, director of marketing of Distilled. Therefore, «in the near future advertising will be based not on schedules but on what the viewer sees at all times,» he added.

Clemente Ferrer


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