Penélope Cruz stars in another controversial ad for Schweppes, lesbian style

    Advertisers lean sometimes on celebrities to star in their campaigns and add value to the brand , media coverage and increase their sales.
Schweppes is one of those advertisers that features famous faces to star in its campaigns : Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman and Iggy Pop have been ambassadors of the popular tonic water , and now Penelope Cruz (pictured ) takes over.

   The spot starring actress is included within the » What did you Expect ? » Campaign, it has been created by the Fred & Farid Paris agency and lasts a minute. The Spanish actress, masks her sensuality, showing a suggestive side. A degrading attitude that does not benefit the product .

   Moreover, bringing to life a dead pop stars is something that is often seen in the world of advertising . A Dutch beer brand , Bavaria , returned Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Tupac Shakur , Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe to the world of the living.

   The spot tries to explain that these stars faked their own death to spend the rest of their lives on an island drinking beer and enjoying the quiet and the sun , far from the madding crowd .

   The curious campaign has used actors who claim to resemble the stars, but has not been done with much success because they are aged stereotypes of these big stars who, for various reasons, died in their youth, raising all sorts of speculation about their deaths.

   Meanwhile, Rafael Nadal, the best Spanish athlete of all time, has lent his image to Banco Sabadell. The bank values and the attributes that the image of the player transmits -sacrifice, effort, improvement and dedication-, have been linked to the financial institution.

   It also happens that in the twilight of career, celebrities assume almost all advertising deals. It has happened to actress Concha Velasco and presenter Bertin Osborne announcing a particular brand of showers, to replace classic bathtubs.
Clemente Ferrer

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