Abortion Consequences

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When an innocent is killed (euphemistically called «abortion») the first victim is the unborn baby and the second one is the woman. Millions of women have fallen into the trap of abortion and almost all of them are suffering from “Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. “This has been evidenced by the most significant abortion institution in the world, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, asserting that: «the incidence of post-abortion trauma in women who had surgical abortions can reach up to 91% of cases.»

Young women who abort show the following post-abortion symptoms: anxiety, desperation, delirium, insomnia, inebriation, drug addiction, hopelessness, psychosis … and suicide.

The Government of Finland stated that young people who had abortions are seven times more likely to try suicide, according to the latest report on a sample of more than 9,000 women … a terrible and pathetic study. It is believed that nothing happens to young women who have abortions because it is legal, however they become demented. After abortion, 64% of them admit to mental hospitals, according to a research by the University of Baltimore (USA) and «59% suffer severe and permanent mental disorders, «according to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (England).

Another of the serious consequences of abortion that was announced in recent years is the breast cancer. Along with the great increase of female reproductive system cancers, breast cancer has increased dramatically in the last 20 years in all countries where abortion has spread.

Finally, an investigation of the pro-choice professor, Janet Daling, broadcasted by the «Journal of the National Cancer Institute,» states that if woman had a family member with breast cancer and aborted after age 30, her risk increased by 270%. Especially when women under age 18 have aborted her first born child.
Dr. Nathanson, a prominent pro-abortion in the United States, including his own son, testifies: “today Humanity regrets of the slavery from the past and soon it will be ashamed of the crime of abortion.

 Clemente Ferrer

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