The Spanish singer, Russian Red, who has the face of a Virgin of Murillo, a special voice and usually act accompanied by her guitar and sing in English; has just come out as “a right-winger.” She sings for many years, but now, those people who praised her undoubted artistic merits, criticize her just because she is a «right-winger.»
I don’t know if she will be vetoed from now in the Top 40, if the municipalities governed by the left will permit she act (fortunately for her there are far fewer from May 22), or if she will sell fewer records. Anything can happen. People can insult her on the streets as well as Juan Manuel de Prada («right-winger” writer and columnist), or in a worst case scenario, she can be attacked as well as Hermann Terchst; especially because despite her sinister and left-winger artistic name (Russian Red), she has an angelic aspect of not having hurt a fly.

I think that the right and the left are more geometry issues than anything else. This much less is about art. There is no literature, no paint, and no film of right-or left-winger. There are only writers, directors or painters of right-or-left winger. Also there will be doctors of right-or-left winger and it does not influence in the medicine. Thank God I have never had prejudices against people of the right or the left. People are worth what they are; their political ideas do not matter. But what I say (we have the example of Russian Red) does not happen between many people of the left because they consider the culture and art as something of their own and are prohibited to the «right-winger». Just in case and although Russian Red sing in English, I will buy her records, but not because I am a right-winger, but because I like it.

Alejandro Pérez

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