Abortion Again

   I confess that I don’t understand Pro-choice people. What moves them to defend as a right that a woman aborts her son? Sincerely, the assumptions on which that right is based on are so incredible that it is difficult to refute them. In 1985 in Spain, abortion was legalized in three assumptions: violation of women, risk to the physical health of the mother and the fetus, and risk to the mental health of the mother. That means that abortion stayed offense, but if it was practiced in one of these assumptions, neither the mother nor the person who would help her could be tried. In fact, more than a decriminalization, it was legalization. Some clinics («abortion centers») appeared. There and for a price more or less high, reports were issued, usually false, to declare that the pregnancy was very dangerous for the mental health of the mother; and then she could abort. A Danish report on spanish clinics showed that fetuses that even had seven months or more were aborted. For this, it was only necessary to falsify the supposed age of the fetus. Not happy with this situation, and as a result of a research on the clinics of Dr. Morin, where were executed real slaughter, grinding fetuses, and omitting the permissive Spanish legislation; the socialist government of Mr. Zapatero enacted the Organic Law 2/2010 on Sexual and Reproductive Health where abortion becomes a right, and assumptions no longer would be required in the first fourteen weeks. The will of the mother will only be required; the father has nothing to say because the son is only of the mother but if she decides the contrary then the father must be responsible in his fatherhood ¡Curious legislation! I will no take under considerations that law, and especially what has been said in favor and against it.

   I just want to know why this law? It is assumed that a law, and especially in a state of law, as it seems that is our country, serves to improve the society that endorses it. Does this law improve us as a society? I don’t think so. It is a law of failure. I mean, in any society would be a success that there would be no abortion. If couples use contraception methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies; these will not occur and women would not need to abort. That means that has been elevated to the category of right, a previous failure in the control of the own sexuality, in both men and women. Wouldn’t it be more logical that the struggle was in the other direction? I mean looking for a sexuality more conscious and mature and aware of its wanted or unwanted consequences (pregnancy).

   In Spain, every year there are approximately one hundred thousand abortions. Most of them are practiced in private clinics what constitutes a good business, I do not know the exact figures, but I think they are important. Are we a better society because it practices many abortions? Is this a fact to be proud as a society? I don’t think so. Then Why is elevated to the status of right what before was a crime? I only think in one explanation: in order to force doctors of the public health to practice them because until now there were very few doctors that practiced them, availing to conscientious objection. The denial of a right – in this case the incredible right to murder the most innocent person in the world, the unborn- may be a criminal offense and is even punished with imprisonment. The world inside out! Doctors jailed for refusing to practice abortions. Doctors jailed for refusing to practiced an abortion.

   As the PP Government wants to repeal certain articles of the Act 2/2010; the opposition of the PSOE has raised up with Rubalcaba to the head, and many «feminists” organizations. They have said that women can return to the prison due to practice abortions. It is a fallacy: more than thirty years ago that it does not happen, after almost a million abortions. They have said that will end up with the sexual rights of women. What are these rights? But nobody give me a response that can justify such barbarity. The defense of abortion is not more than a cancer that destroys our society. Who may want to feed something that can destroy us? It is simply evil, I don’t understand them!


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