Not long ago some people who call themselves atheists (they do not believe in God) made a demonstration. However, between the phrases that they shouted, they gave to understand clearly that believe in him, because most of the times in their cries they were saying that shit on him. Therefore they are saying that they believe, because nobody in its right mind attacks someone who does not exist.

   What they must disturb a lot is that none of them can prove scientifically that there is no God, and the only solution is to attack the cures. The non-existence of God is impossible to demonstrate. It is much easier to prove its existence than the contrary.

   Sometimes it seems that we live in a country where people are poorly educated because they can not respect the positions of others, they are radical as Islamists and then, a small minority goes out to the streets in order to attack those who think differently. Over the years we have democracy, it is time to let people think like they want and we must learn not to insult those who think different.

   They also attack the military, but I think that in that case it would be more effective that they go to manifest to the Ministry of Defense, we will see if they convince Ms. Chacon.

   Perhaps it would be good to know that the centers of aid to the needy of the church have helped in the savings of the State:
• 1.004 centers with 51.312 beds: outpatients departments, dispensaries, old people’s home, centers for the disabled and terminally ill Aids patient (The State saves 4 million Euros per hospital per year)
• 107 hospitals (the State saves 50 million Euros per hospital per year)
• Caritas y Manos Unidas expenses (the State saves 198 million Euros, these are donations of Spanish people)
• 365 Re-education Centers for social outcasts: ex-prostitutes, ex-convict y ex-drug addicts. (The state saves half a million Euros per center)
• 937 orphanage for 10.835 abandoned children (The State saves 100.000 million Euros per center)

   All this is managed by people who work in Caritas, Manos Unidas, etc. they are volunteers and do not receive anything for this work.
Can you tell me what other non-Catholic religious attend such things? Or what political party or union has soups kitchens to help the needy?

   There is a saying that says: “actions speak louder than words.” Is there someone who can contract this?

   Isabel Costa

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